Important things TO DO to help with your recovery:

  • Be as mobile as soon as possible after your surgery, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Take simple pain relief tablets.  This includes medications like Paracetamol and/or Anti-inflammatories (e.g. Ibuprofen), which should be taken regularly in the initial post-operative period.  You should continue these regularly at home for a few days, so that any post-operative pain does not limit your ability to mobilise at home and recover as quickly as possible.
  • Try to avoid stress and strenuous exercise following surgery.  After major surgery, most women take about 4-6 weeks off work, depending on the nature of their surgery and the nature of their work.  If you require a Medical Certificate, please inform Dr Tang or email/phone one of Dr Tang’s reception staff.  Dr Tang will arrange for your Medical Certificate to be posted/faxed/emailed to you.
  • Drink plenty of water, aiming for around 2 litres per day.  Try to eat healthy foods.
  • Constipation is not uncommon after major surgery, but over time this should return to normal.  Keeping hydrated is important, and stool softeners may be helpful.

Click this link for information about Driving after your surgery.

Contact Dr Tang if you are concerned about any issues after your Surgery:

  • Some pain around the wounds is normal.  However, please let Dr Tang know if you have any concerns about the wound, such as any increasing redness or discharge.
  • Some vaginal bleeding after your surgery is normal.  However, please let Dr Tang know if you notice a large amount of bleeding.
  • Post-operative fever (above 38 degrees Celsius) may indicate an infection.  Please contact Dr Tang if you have a fever after your surgery.
  • If the level of your pain increases signficantly following your surgery, please contact Dr Tang.

Post-Operative Follow-Up Appointment

A post-operative follow-up appointment with Dr Tang is important after your surgery.  This allows the opportunity to check your recovery, and to ensure that your wounds have healed normally.  At this appointment, Dr Tang will also discuss in detail again with you the findings of your surgery, and the procedure that was performed.  Histology results from your operation will also be discussed.

Depending on the nature of your condition and surgery, this appointment may be scheduled between 2 to 6 weeks following your surgery.