The Wesley Hospital has a secure portal to book your Hospital Admission.  This booking process will take about 20 minutes of your time.

The information collected on admission is determined in part by Commonwealth legislation, Queensland legislation, our contracts with Health Funds and the requirements of our accrediting bodies. Information you provide will be confidentially transmitted to The Wesley Hospital using secure 128-bit SSL encryption technology. Your Patient History Details are sent directly to a designated preadmission area within the hospital for review and preparation of your medical record pending your arrival at hospital.

If necessary, a Registered Nurse may contact you after receipt of your information if your responses indicate further enquiry or action might be required prior to admission.

There are a number of areas where mandatory information (marked with *) is required to submit the online booking successfully. Therefore prior to commencing you need to have the following information ready:


  • Personal and Next of kin details including your email address.
  • Medicare Card
  • General practitioner details

Hospital Funding Details:

  • Private health insurance and level of cover, or
  • Workcover / Third party, or
  • Veterans Affairs, or
  • Self funding (note, self funding patients will also need to ring the hospital to obtain a quotation for the admission)

Benefits details:

  • Pharmacy Benefit Card and/or Safety Net Card (if relevant)
  • Pension Card (if relevant)

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